Friday, December 2, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Unfinished Business - Nathan Sykes

 I first learned about Nathan Sykes in 2013, when he did a duet with Ariana Grande, titled “Almost is Never Enough.” I enjoyed listening to this song when it first came out, but at the time I was more interested in Ariana’s music.

Recently, I learned about him again through a friend’s Snapchat video. She posted a snap of his Pokemon Go Theme Song cover. Intrigued, I searched up his cover on YouTube and gave it a listen. After listening to his cover, I asked my friend which of his other songs were her favorites… which leads us to the first song in this album review.

Over & Over Again – Over and Over Again is a ballad, another duet with Ariana Grande. It is sweet; a story of a promise between two lovers. My two favorite lines are in the chorus, which says: “Just put your heart in my hands, I promise it won’t get broken” and “I’ll love you, over and over again.”

Famous – Although Famous is another ballad, it is a showcase of Nathan’s deep and soulful voice, especially evident in the chorus. This song is about a choice – which is more important, fame or love? I highly recommend watching the music video for this song.

Twist – Twist is an upbeat jazz-influenced song. Nathan’s sultry voice and the song’s catchy lyrics are mood-lifters. This track would be the perfect song to play while getting ready for a night out with friends.

Kiss Me Quick - Kiss Me Quick is a retro-inspired track, with drums and trumpets playing in the background. Once again, Nathan’s soulful voice takes center stage.

In conclusion, Nathan Syke’s debut album Unfinished Business proves his versatility as an artist. 
From ballads to upbeat songs, Nathan proves that he is a force to be reckoned with, one to watch out for.

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