PRODUCT REVIEW : Lovely me:ex Mango Seed Lip Scrub

About a month ago, my friend showed me a picture that she found on Pinterest; a DIY lip scrub using household ingredients. Intrigued, I gave the lip scrub recipe a try - and I loved it!
Recently, I made a trip to my local mall to buy some makeup. As I was browsing through the lip products section of The Face Shop, a Korean beauty store, I bought a small lip scrub container.

The name of the product and its purpose is written in all caps, making it easy to read. It also gets the point across.

The fragrance is of a sweet, ripe mango. The scent is neither too faint nor overpowering.

The lip scrub is pretty light, so it is a good idea to dip your finger into more product for better application. After application, it will leave your lips feeling buttery smooth.


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