Thought Catalog

I first learned about this site through my sister. One day, she told me about an article that she had read on Thought Catalog. I listened attentively to what was written in the article, yet I didn't pay too much attention to the website itself.

After a couple of months, I started to notice that articles from Thought Catalog kept popping up on my Facebook feed. I read each article intently, hungry for well-written pieces by articulate individuals. Eventually, I stopped using Facebook altogether, except for Facebook Messenger.

Thought Catalog is a website where others write short stories/articles on a variety of topics, ranging from love to self confidence, to current news. Or anything and everything.

Here are a few of my favorite articles from Thought Catalog:

55 Tiny But Important Things You Should Start Doing For Yourself Today - Becca Martin

How To Kick Ass At Being Single AF - Lauren Jarvis-Gibson

19 Ways To Love Yourself - Chelsea Fagan


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