Toronto Art Crawl 2016

Toronto Art Crawl at the Entertainment District took place this past Friday, August 12,2016 at David Pecaut Square. After work, I came home and had a quick meal. I left the house about two hours later to go to the bus stop. I then met up with my sister downtown. Once I met up with her, we walked to David Pecaut Square together.

There were only a few artisans/vendors at the square. However, there were two booths which caught my eye- Alchemy Natural Soaps and Skincare, and the smaller booth next to it with eye-catching photographs laid out on the shared table. Thus, my attention shifted to the photographs and the artist whom the prints belonged to, Hannah. We chatted for a bit, hence I decided on two prints: one of a fisherman taken at Pier 7 in California, and a streetcar in part of Toronto’s Financial District. I finally decided on the Toronto print, to which the girl who ran the Alchemy booth commented, “Gotta rep the hometown, eh?” I chuckled and thanked Hannah for her prints. I smiled at the girl who ran the Alchemy booth and left.

I'm glad I chose the Toronto print as I later found out that the Toronto snapshot was not on Hannah's Instagram feed! To see more of Hannah's work, her Instagram handle is:

Here is the print I purchased from Hannah. The intersection is King St. West and Bay St., in Toronto's Financial District. 



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