Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Luminato Festival 2016

The Luminato Festival is a global arts festival held in Toronto every summer. It showcases all types of arts including performance, visual arts, music, theatre, dance, magic and more.

This year, my sister invited me and a friend to go to the festival with her. This year, Luminato was held in the Hearn Generating Station, an abandoned electricity generating station. Its smoke tower can be seen in Toronto's skyline.

The Hearn had many different exhibitions, as it is a large and spacious building. However, my favourite exhibition was "Trove: A View of Toronto in 50 of its Treasures."

My favourite works from that exhibit were the Marilyn Monroe tapestry by Andy Warhol, Princess Florine and Prince Florimund costumes from The Sleeping Beauty, and the Buckminster Fuller Project Toronto.

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