Monday, November 30, 2015


“I went to England for a couple of days.”
“For work?”
With a shy smile on his face, he replied
“No…actually I’m seeing someone.”

Fast forward a couple of months…

They came out of the airport
with huge smiles,
despite the frigid air.
He had his arm around her
while hers was draped around his waist
One arm carrying her bags, while the other
was wrapped tightly around her,
shielding her from the chilly winter air.
Although she was tired from the flight
her smile grew bigger
 as she approached her best friend
and their shared group of friends.

As he waited nervously for her arrival
he was accompanied by his brother and their friends
His brother, who was on the lookout for the lovely lady
turned to him and exclaimed, “ Yo, I see her!”
As his and her eyes met,
she ran at full speed into his arms.
Her arms around his neck, and his around her waist.

There was nothing 5713 km of distance could do to their love. 

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