A Walk To Remember

I finally watched it! This movie had been on my list of movies to watch for a while now. I decided to watch it as soon as I had finished my exams; to relax from a busy semester.

VERDICT: Mandy Moore has the voice of an angel, and Shane West looked good. It was a sweet love story.

I had known Shane West from the TV series Nikita with Maggie Q and Xander Berkeley. Thus, when I saw him in A Walk To Remember, I exclaimed: Hey, it's Michael! Minus 10 years of course..." My favorite part of the movie is near the beginning when a group of boys bother Jamie ( Mandy Moore's character) "Well, if there's a higher power, then why hasn't he gotten you a new sweater?" Her reply is priceless: "He's too busy looking for your brain."

P.S. I've wanted to add A Walk To Remember to my growing collection of books on my shelf..and I'm getting my copy tomorrow!


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